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About Apostle VW Jones


Apostle VW Jones, Sr. is the Senior Pastor of Crusaders for Christ Evangelistic Center, a nondenominational training and worship center based in Orlando, Florida. He is a national speaker, lecturer, trainer, panelist, and community advocate.

Apostle Jones was ordained by the late Apostle T. R. Malone of Philadelphia, PA, the founder of Crusaders for Christ International with 34 churches in Africa and four within the United States. He was a student under Apostle Malone at the Crusaders for Christ Bible Institute. In 1999, under the direction of the LORD, the aid of the Holy Spirit, and with a strong desire to see the true Gospel of Messiah/Jesus Christ spread to others through sound, Bible-based teachings, Apostle Jones established Crusaders for Christ Evangelistic Center in Orlando, Florida.

His commitment to building community is evident in his involvement within the community. Apostle Jones is the Spiritual overseer and Board Member of the Christian Basketball Association in Orlando, Florida. In previous years, he has organized and participated in nonprofit agencies that minister to young men and women for educational and entrepreneurial success. These include the Youth Entrepreneur Program of Orlando, Florida and the Crusaders for Christ 21-Day Academic Jumpstart Program. Additionally, Apostle Jones was active within the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) taskforce on redefining faith-based initiatives under President George W. Bush.

Pursuant to confirmed prophecy on his life and sound counsel, Victory with Jesus World-Wide Ministries and Sought Out Kingdom Ministries were birthed by Apostle Jones. These dynamic ministries utilize television, social media, live-stream services, as well as other multi-media forums to reach millions of souls for the Messiah.

An accomplished author, Apostle Jones is the co-author and inspiration for the compiling of The Restoration Bible. Additionally, he has written numerous articles and religious publications including Images in Your Mind, Truth Behind the Storm, and The Good Shepherd. Also, he has been actively writing soon to become bestselling books entitled Five-Fold Ministry, The Feasts of YAHWEH, and Marriage by Elohim's Design.

As a gifted conference speaker and talk show host, Apostle Jones is the founder and host of the "Wholistic Men's Conference" and "The Farmer, the Ground, and the Seed Conference." He is the host of the internet radio broadcast The Proceeding Word and the previous radio co-host of Empowerment Today and The Alliance Business Report.

Utilizing his unique delivery of the Word of GOD, Apostle Jones keeps congregations alert, alive, and activated to walk empowered in the Word.